Fokir>=sir 10 ta taka diben
sir>=10 taka ki korba
f>=cha khabo
sir>=cha to 5 taka
f>=girl friend khabe
sir>=tomar abar girl friend ase
f>=oi girl friend er jono to fokir hoasi sir


‘Bully,’ another documentary out to save the world one viewer at a time



Let’s all come to an understanding up-front: Minion likes a bully, and that’s the easiest connection with the brand new buzzed-about documentary, “Bully,” not worth it at present in vogue brand new York and Los Angeles. I wasn’t favorable as soon as Bobby Dreyfus told me I was flat-chested in vogue the seventh grade as soon as I was walking the halls involving algebra and Spanish, and I didn’t believe adults who told me it was his way of maxim he liked me. It’s still thwarting to admit, and nearby wasn’t some violence attached. Oh, and Bobby, I take part in boobs at this point. Hah! On the whole of us take part in been on the receiving base of round about level of singling out, and if we are still alive to sermon on the subject of it as soon as we take part in our own young person children, in that case we’re not like the disastrous extreme personal belongings, and chronicled in vogue the film, in vogue which children take part in taken their own lives to a certain extent than induce on the motor vehicle single added schedule.

It’s uncomplicated to identify with the entity subjects, such when Tyler who hanged himself in vogue his bedroom closet, the discomforted Alex who is so starved representing friendship he tolerates day by day raw abuse on a motor vehicle in vogue heart America and who’s being poked with pencils and called names. It’s nix interrupt, prearranged his age and geekiness so as to he doesn’t take part in the emotional money to fight back, before situate into expressions his feelings of problem as soon as (and if) he discusses the outbreaks with his parents, teachers, prepare officials, and regulate officers. The film and follows an Oklahoma out-lesbian teenager who tries to take a remain by the side of her peak prepare, a 14-year-old who took her mother’s gun and brandished it by the side of her tormenters on the morning motor vehicle, and an 11-year-old farmer’s lad whose bereft father becomes an antibullying militant.



In music, a song is a composition for voice or voices, performed by singing. A song may be accompanied by musical instruments, or it may be unaccompanied, as in the case of a cappella songs. The lyrics (words) of songs are typically of a poetic, rhyming nature, though they may be religious verses or free prose.

A song may be for a solo singer, a duet, trio, or larger ensemble involving more voices. Songs with more than one voice to a part are considered choral works. Songs can be broadly divided into many different forms, depending on the criteria used. One division is between “art songs“, “pop songs“, and “folk songs“. Other common methods of classification are by purpose (sacred vs secular), by style (dance, ballad, Lied, etc.), or by time of origin (Renaissance, Contemporary, etc.).

A song is a piece of music for accompanied or unaccompanied voice or voices or, “the act or art of singing,” but the term is generally not used for large vocal forms including opera and oratorio.[1] However, the term is, “often found in various figurative and transferred sense (e.g. for the lyrical second subject of a sonata…).”[1] The noun “song” has the same etymological root as the verb “to sing” and the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) defines the word to mean “that which is sung” or “a musical composition suggestive of song.” The OED also defines the word to mean “a poem” or “the musical phrases uttered by some birds, whales, and insects, typically forming a recognizable and repeated sequence and used chiefly for territorial defence or for attracting mates.” [2]